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MIMEShield™ is the premier Lotus Domino based enterprise anti-spam software specifically designed to drastically reduce the amount of objectionable and destructive e-mail entering your organization.

MIMEShield™ uses many functions of analysis to analyze the validity of an e-mail message, while determining which messages should be routed.  Coupled with our unique Fingerprinting mechanism, and its system learning features, MIMEShield™ will rid your organization of spam, and deter the most common detrimental results of spam, including lost productivity time, increased storage requirements, maintenance costs, and possible lawsuits.


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Unnecessary e-mail costs the average American business with 10,000 employees about $16 million a year.

- Gartner Group, 2002


Spam Accounts for 30% - 50% of all messages
at the office.

- Gartner Group, Sept 2002


It is estimated that employees who use e-mail waste an average of 40 minutes a day due to spam.

- Gartner Group, 2002

- Message Header analysis
- Message Subject and Body analysis
- Queries to Multiple DNS blackhole lists of known spam IP addresses
- Prevents spam relay attacks
- Allows Messages from determined Corporate and Personal Safe Lists (addresses and domains)
- Easy tools for populating and administering your safe/deny lists
- Predefined, customizable filter dictionary (multiple and single words)
- Fingerprint System: recognizes spam campaigns and is able to quarantine all related current and future messages
- Fingerprint store of common spam campaigns
- Detect and Quarantine profanity and unacceptable language
- Place quarantined messages in categories of failure classifications
- Protection from attacks on internal e-mail groups
- Detailed logging of all internet e-mail messages passing through network
- Accept/Deny lists
- Administrator Friendly: Can be set up to have administrator and/or users assist in generating lists
- Automated reports (administrative and end user)
- Open database design
- True Domino integration and administration
- Requires absolutely NO customization of Notes SMTP/Mail Routing Infrastructure (mail templates, etc)
- Free 30 day trial (Click here to receive)

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